Sunday, December 30


I have no right or interest in preaching you and neither am I a regular blogger but I think everyone has some moments in their life which change their thinking and rest of life. GANDHI saw play of HARISH-CHANDRA and he learnt the importance of truth and I can quote many more but that is not my focus in this blog. I am not a wonderful wizard with words but I have witnessed my moment of truth few weeks ago and I am writing this in very small hope that this blog can also be moment of truth TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN.

   What happened in DELHI on 16th December with that BRAVE-HEART has shaken me deep inside. Though that was not the first one in our society and sadly not the last one either but I have never heard of brutality like this. What make me sadder is that happened in the capital of UNION REPUBLIC OF INDIA, and not in a tribal corner of country. Yet we are helpless in stopping this shame? This shame is happening with each passing moment, somewhere in this society but I am not able to stop this… we are not able to stop this. Political class has failed us, but I am sure that next election will again be fought on basis of caste, religion and region and believe me this thought makes me sick. What is wrong with us?

   For people who are ready to tell me that blogging will not help and get my ass moving and join civil services or politics to make this country a better one, let me clarify that I am not a bright scholar and to be honest I am sure I will not qualify the exam for a police constable, because to know the name of vice president of country I have to Google it and do you really think joining politics is still common man’s thing. Sorry to differ but you are living in past. But does this really make me a useless citizen of this country??? If making this country a better place means politics or government job, then what is the use of others classes of society like me who work in shifts for 12-15 hours to repay their education or home loan and trying to invest rest for their family..Are we villains in the story of country’s development?

  To sooth my soul and perhaps stand outside a section of social networking generation I went to a protest and lit candles for that brave-heart girl but believe me what I saw there is not making me feel good. Politicians ready to politicize this for some votes and media crew hungry for a clipping that along with some sad violin music makes them a TRP gainer. I was not there to post pictures on facebook or twitter but to let the authorities know that system has failed us and it’s time to audit current system but nothing happened and I felt more helpless than ever in my life. Political class is not ready to hear us and they think of themselves as rulers of country, not the leaders of a democracy. So what can we do to stop this shame???


  Perhaps the best thing we can do is look deep inside our self and remember that we all have monsters inside and an angel also, just try to tame the monster  next time when we go out in society, don’t try to make 'most' of a crowded bus or train. Just try to save this society by remembering that BRAVE HEART in every girl...

  Sad to see so many people interested in knowing the true identity of BRAVE-HEART of Delhi, let her be an anonymous face, so that no one starts a trust on her name or market her death as a brand... let her be anonymous, so that we remember her face in every girl of our society and try to stop this shame of society, remember she was an ordinary girl with simple dreams, don’t idolize her or make a heroine out of her to hide the impotency of ours.. We lost the right to call her our sister or daughter or even friend that very day when we failed to protect her in our society so please don’t try to appease your ego. Please let her be an anonymous face which reminds us of our failure...



Tanaya Ojha said...

Darshi, this is by far the best write up you have come up with. What happened and what will... i do not know... but im happy to see that the braveheart's death is not in vain... it has stirred up a nation's conscience and its youth... it may well be the lull before the storm. salute to the "nirbhaya" girl. May she find peace wherever she is.

Vindhesh Yadav said...

By apraising ur skills I wont render ur feeling a waste.
With all respect to ur feelings I just want to say that if u really want to change the face of society then take sm pain n use ur all rights. Speak, write, protest n use ur voting power. Only blaming cant help anyone.
Keep Continue ur fight.

Anonymous said...

Bolger is a male.. N if men starts realising this crucial side of society then definitely "change" is waiting for us on d next turn.. Time shall nt mek us cold.. This incidence shuld remain in our vains.. Very well written..

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