Wednesday, August 3

Mumbai: As i saw

If u really want to learn the funda of living life (not surviving), learn it from Mumbai. This “city of dreams” has something magical in air; a gladiator spirit…an obstinacy to shine brighter than sun…a habit to live for your craziest dream….This city teaches you the way to live the life...King size.

I want to share 5 funda of living that I have learnt from this city……

                                                       After any natural disaster or terror attack, you see only one headline “Mumbai back on track with full spirit”. This is mumbaikar spirit that never went down. But is it really so???..........I don’t think so. This is Mumbai’s necessity not it’s spirit. No 1 want to miss their appraisal, just because some people died 3 KM away. Bitter but true….This city turned out its negative as its biggest positive. This is the funda of life make a virtue of necessity.

2) It’s not sun, it’s you who decide the direction
                                                              “Sun rises in the east” the very first lesson everyone learn in school. But this city denies this universal truth. Mumbai has created its own beckon for direction-Mumbai Local Track. Here track decided whether you live in east or west. This small thing show a big philosophy of living-you can create your own direction
3) Rules are meant to be followed
                                                           I have lived most of life in UP and to be honest I have learnt only one thing about rules there: All rules are meant for your convenience so mold them accordingly. But in this city rules are rules, there is a queue for bus and even auto. You can’t imagine a smooth life here without rules. I have got a lesson rules are not for your convince but others also. Lesson for life… Rules are essential for smoothness in life.

4) Decide your Sphere of the world
                                                          This city has Asia’s largest slum as well as Anil ambani’s biggie house. Two different worlds...residing in 10 km distance.Every day people decide their sphere where they want to be.If you know what you want from you, half the work done.Decide your spehere and go for it!!!

5) All Rain is in vain
                                       No one can even slow the speed of Mumbai...whether is unberable heat or unpredictable rain. No one has time to care for this; they only care for their work. No one is going to stop their work for rain or heat. Problems are never big, you make them.Dont let Problem’s obstacle your way.

This is Mumbai…AS I SEE…..



Mohinee said...

Wonderful.....last line is really true, I will follow forever. :) Thanks for sharing.....:) Keep writing....I am fan of you....autograph bhej do..:)

El 8vo. loco said...

Hello, Priyadarshi. My name is Ana, I'm a young writer from Buenos Aires (Argentina). I'm travelling to Mumbai in january 2012 and looking around, searching for information about the city I discovered your blog. It would be very nice if, maybe, we could meet once I'll get there. It's not much what I know about India and it's literature and it would be nice to learn a little bit about that. Please let me know if you find the proposal interesting. Bye!

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