Saturday, April 12

Note to self

Mysteries always fascinate human mind. In a rough sentence the human evolution can be summed as the journey to solve the mysteries; curiosity to know the unknown. But no challenge can become a dare if you don't have a hurdle; a difficulty factor. In my opinion in the journey of life this factor is TIME.

Sometimes we successfully quench the curiosity of our mind but we loose so much time that at the final lap we stand alone ;no clap; no cheer and that moment give you reality check. You are a winner who has lost. And at the final lap I have lost the appetite for win. To start making sense than writing more gibberish,  this blog post is a note to self for last one year.

At the age of 25,you don't have much to do in life than to establish your identity. You live thousand miles away from the place where you spend your childhood to shelter  place for last leg of mortal journey. Pressure of dream simply ruin your dream or perhaps we complicate the dream. I was no different.

 Last year and to be exact at the end of March I was second time labelled as average in my job appraisal cycle. Though for many person appraisal is just not a verdict but for a mind which was evolved in between of a race of grades ,that was like the annual exam result. I was nobody in my office. I was looking towards ground and sky to console myself. I wanted to be praised to be recognized and that was the moment when you have to decide you want to raise the bar or quit the game because being average you are at the same distance of both levels just the difficulty level is different. I decided to prove myself, push myself and to go outside my comfort zone.

When you try to run there are chances of getting slipped but you can win if only you continue the run. I slipped and thought to quit but some cosmic conspiracy pushed me back on my feet . I became somebody from nobody in Offc. The feeling was priceless but I paid a price that I wasn't ready for. I lost time of one year to enjoy outside this mad rush. One year all i did was work and nothing else. I am tired and I don't want to run further and I don't want to win. I want to sit and enjoy the scenery I left in that mad race.

I can't change the past but I can shape the future. Don't know this time my direction is right or not but I have chosen a new one and I am happy.


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